About Verico

Who are we?

Verico offers specialized services and products within Enterprise Asset Management.  Our references within the Utility sector span industries like electric power generation and distribution, gas distribution and other utilities.

The company project portfolio shows that Verico's strong multi disciplinary team has successfully completed demanding projects for Transmission System Operators (TSO) like Statnett SF (Norway) and TenneT BV (The Netherlands), and a number of regional utility companies in Norway.

In addition to our unique photography-based data acquisition and quality assurance service, Verico provides services within asset data modelling, asset documentation, software development and integration, project management and more.
Verico was established in 1999 and is headquartered in Ipark, Stavanger, Norway.


Key Strength

One of Verico's key strengths is our strong and dedicated multi disciplinary team consisting of Electrical Engineers, Maintance Engineers, Software Engineers and Project Managers - all within one company.

All of these disciplines are indeed involved and required in order to successfully complete AIM projects for our customers.

Career in Verico

Verico is a growth company, capable and ready to expand the business both in Norway and international markets. 

The unique set of services and products, strong multi disciplinary team of professionals and the growing number of customers forms a solid basis for further growth, both within our existing core market and new market areas.

In order to meet our ambitious goals for growth, we need to continously scale and strengthen Verico's organisation. We are constantly looking for potential new colleagues with the following backgrounds:

  • Maintenance Engineer
  • Software Engineer
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Project Manager

If you are a strong candidate within one of these disciplines, please send us an email together with your resume to work@verico.com.

Verico holde til i Ipark innovasjonspark Stavanger

Maintenance Engineer

If you have experience with maintenance planning, asset management, asset information management, risk analysis and related issues, we might be looking for you. Even more so if your experience is within the utilities business, electricity producers and distributors, especially. Contact us!

Software Engineer

Our software team develops various applications both for customers and for in-house use. We develop web applications, apps for IOS and Android, as well as some desktop applications, using a range of tools and languages. If you are a self-going strong candidate with experience in these areas, and/or with database programming (PL/SQL), drop us a line.

Electrical Engineer

Our electrical engineers are trained for work in high voltage facilities. They do inspection work, verification of documentation, collect asset data through extensive use of photos, as well as back-office processing and asset data verification. If you can help, please contact us.