This is our 4th attempt at trying to get our asset information updated. Colleagues who have been involved in the previous projects still don’t believe it’s going to work. That says something about how challenging it is

Thijs Janssen, Team lead, Asset Data Enrichment Team, Stedin

Asset Inventory Project for Stedin

Asset Inventory Project for Stedin

Project details

Goal: Establish a trustworthy Asset Repository in Stedin’s BM-GIS solution for all their secondary substations.

Scope: 22.200 secondary substations in the Dutch national network.


Asset Information deliverables:

  • Updated detailed Asset Inventory
  • Updated schematics and substations connectivity
  • Linked Photo Documentation for all secondary substations in scope

All according to and inline with Stedin’s data model, standards and other requirements (business rules).


SW project deliverables:

Hosted versions of our AssetGuide and ModelGuide portals – viewers and collaboration solutions that combines photo documentation, asset data, customer’s data model and other relevant standards and requirements.

Timeline: Awarded EU tender of 7,0 MEur in fall 2018. Project to be implemented over a period of 3,5 years.






Stations documented & delivered every week

> 2.8 mill

Estimated # of
photos to be taken

> 1 mill

Estimated # of assets

> 7.8 mill

Estimated # of attributes to be digitized

About Stedin

Stedin provides sustainable energy for over two million customers in the Province of Utrecht and the largest part of the Province of South Holland in the Netherlands.

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