eSmart Systems has of July 1st entered a partnership agreement with Atea. This partnership is strategic both in terms of innovation and concrete sale of eSmart Systems’ solutions.

eSmart Systems and Atea Norway will deliver the next generation IoT platform solutions.

With access to world leading technology such as Internet of Things (IoT), very effective management of extreme amounts of data and Artificial Intelligence, eSmart Systems already has the competence and technology others will be talking about tomorrow

Michael Jacobs
CEO of Atea
CEO of Atea, Michael Jacobs (Press photo: Atea)

He says there is already great interest in this type of technology from several customer segments, such as “power and energy”, “smart buildings and cities” and “welfare”.

Norway is a country with a wide geographical diversity and local challenges – which need local understanding. As society changes, Atea’s strength lies in our local offices which are able to give customized advice and solutions

Jacobs says

The CEO of eSmart Systems, Knut H. H. Johansen, believes Atea will become an important partner for further innovation and sale of eSmart Systems’ technology.

This is an important partnership agreement for eSmart Systems. Atea covers a majority of the Norwegian and Nordic market. Through this cooperation, we will be able to deliver competitive solutions to the energy-, health- and municipal sector

says Johansen
CEO of eSmart Systems, Knut H. H. Johansen

Jacobs adds that with Atea’s wide knowledge and solutions from among others eSmart Systems, they will be able to help their customers into the future.

eSmart Systems are at the forefront of platform development for IoT and other exciting solutions to various industries. The platform they are offering is very impressive. Combined with Atea’s knowledge, this cooperation can be used for providing our customers with smarter solutions containing machine learning and analytics, enabling them to take advantage of various sensor technologies and collect data which can provide valuable insight, the CEO of Atea says.

About Atea Norway (Atea AS):

Atea is the leading IT supplier in Norway, with wide knowledge and competence within all fields of the IT infrastructure market. The company has 1650 employees and is located in 25 cities all over Norway.   The Atea Group is the Nordic and Baltic’ largest, plus Europe’s second largest supplier of IT infrastructure. The company had a 31,2 mrd NOK turnover in 2016.

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