eSmart Systems is a part of 100ScaleUPs, an accelerator program hosted by the Norwegian Business School together with Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship in Boston.

Tina Skagen, Knut Johansen and Erik Åsberg at MIT.

eSmart Systems is one of eight Norwegian scaleups that attend the program this fall. The past week the management team of the companies have learned scaling strategy directly from Bill Aulet, managing director of The Martin Trust Center, as well as from entrepreneurs in residence at MIT, and selected investors and well-known entrepreneurs, among them LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman, who last week released his book called Blitzscaling.

One of my key teakeaways from this week is the importance of learning from people who has been through this several times before. It takes away the gap between theory and practice. We need hands on advice, and we need tools to make the decisions we have ahead of us. The week at MIT has really come through in this sense

Tina Skagen
COO at eSmart Systems

– A great opportunity 

The eSmart Systems team will take all lessons learned first to Seattle where a strategy workshop with eSmart Systems Inc awaits, and then back home to Norway, to glue together the US and Norway operations, and be able to increase speed and output of the company’s efforts going forward.

We have had a great week here in Boston and learned a lot of do’s and don’ts when it comes to effective international scaling strategy

Knut Johansen
CEO at eSmart Systems

This program is a great opportunity to work with world class faculties and business mentors in our scaling strategy. Now we look forward to converting this into eSmart Systems growth strategy and plan for the next two years

he continues

 100ScaleUPs focus on developing and verifying an effective international scaling strategy and is tailored to scaling challenges with international growth ambitions. The program runs for 12 weeks and the goal is for the companies to build their scaling strategy during the course of the program

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